Monday, April 16, 2012

Rolling in the Deep~

Have you established your deep conditioning regiment?  Deep conditioning (DC) is very important in maintaining healthy, moisturized hair.  Your deep conditioner will be slightly thicker than your regular conditioner. In order to get the maximum benefits from DCing, it will require some type of heat.  This mean you can sit under the dryer...I though relaxer days were over :) or you can do the baggy method by using a plastic cap to maintain heat (sounds much better).  It is very important that whether you are using store bought conditioners or making your own,  that the conditioner gets some time to sit on the hair and penetrate the shaft of the hair. Otherwise, you have not received the full benefits of the DCing which would be very pointless.  Below, I will give you a run down of how you can deep condition your hair using a hair dryer or the baggy method.

How To Deep Condition Hair (Dryer Method)
1. After shampooing hair, preferably with a sulfate free shampoo, you can do a final rinse of the hair with warm water.
2. Apply the deep conditioner to the hair starting at your ends and avoiding the scalp as much as possible.   Deep conditioner should never be deliberately applied to the scalp.   While you want your hair from root to tip to be saturated with the deep conditioner, putting it on the scalp can interfere with your hair’s natural oils (sebum) and create build up.   Have you ever noticed that after three days of deep conditioning your scalp is flaking?   That’s the DC; do not rub it in your scalp, put it on your hair.
3. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and then go under a hooded dryer for 20 to 30 minutes.   The heat allows the hair shaft to open and the deep conditioner to enter along the shaft.   It is imperative that heat is used on your deep conditioner so that it can penetrate the hair.   Do not use a high heat setting.   A low heat setting will work just fine.
4. After you are finished with the dryer, allow the hair to get back to room temperature and then wash it out.   Make your final rinse a cold one to seal back the hair cuticles. (I need to improve on the cold water. I love the feeling of hot water running through my hair)

How To Deep Condition Hair (Baggy Method)
So you are weary of heat and you might not own an hair dryer.  You can still deep condition hair with heat using a plastic cap.   The plastic cap method is very convenient and allows you to do other chores or even rest will DC'ing.
1. After shampooing hair, make your final rinse be a warm one.   A rinse that is hot enough to feel comfortable on your head.
2. Squeeze out excess water and apply the deep conditioner on your hot tresses, this should allow the deep conditioner to start working right away.
3. Cover with a plastic cap.
4. You can wear the cap anywhere from 30 minutes to sleep overnight letting your tresses get the maximum amount of the DCing treatment. 

I know you are saying how will the baggy method help to DC your hair.  The heat will come from what your body generates.  This is the method that I chose to use when DC'ing because I am allowed to complete other chores while also doing my hair care regiment.  I hope this information sheds some light on why it is important DC your hair and a give some tips on how to complete this process. What's your tips and tricks for DCing your tresses? What method do you use and what's your favorite deep conditioning product(s)?

As always, love being the natural  you!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MIA (Missing in Action)

Hello everyone! I hope the New Year is going well for you thus far. I haven't posted a blog this year!!!! WOW! But that's all about to change! I know it has been awhile since I posted a blog. Even though I was enjoying it, I just did not know if anyone was really benefiting from the information I was sharing. Needless to say, I will start back officially blogging next week.  If there is a topic about hair or makeup that you would like for me to post about, please feel free to ask!!! As always, LOVE being the natural YOU!!!!!