Thursday, August 18, 2011

Come Totally Clean

I wanted to share with everyone my regiment I used today to totally clean my hair from all the buildup and oils I had been using over the last several weeks.  After I got off work, I shampooed my hair which I only do every now and then. Then I used Koils By Nature Stimulating Hair Growth Rinse which has ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) in it  

"will restore the pH balance to your hair, close the cuticle layer, creating great shine, softness, and manageability.  The normalizing effect will remove buildup & restore the hair’s natural acid mantle.  The infused nettle, burdock root and horsetail will, stimulate the scalp and follicles promoting hair growth. "
Ingredients:  purified water, organic apple cider vinegar infused with burdock root, horsetail, nettle, and essential oils.  This is directly from her website.

After rinsing out the Stimulating Hair Growth Rinse, I applied EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and her Moisturizing Shealoe Leave In Conditioner and bagged it. Went to bed for about 3 hours and woke up to rinse it out. I applied a little more of the Shealoe Leave In Conditioner after completing the wash as a leave in moisturizer. My hair is super soft. My kinks and coils are defined and softer than ever. Over the course of the last three hours, I have been doing mini two strand twist which will be my protective style for the next two-three weeks.

I am not saying that you have to use the same products that I used but it is good to use ACV for a thorough cleansing of your hair.  The Stimulating Hair Growth Rinse is only $6.00 and it is for a big bottle. I will post her website at the end of this blog.  I am currently doing my twist with AloeFlax Gel by Naturalista Cosmetics. I am already liking the feel of my twist and how they are staying so neatly in place.  And you can always just pre-poo with EVOO and a leave-in-conditioner and get the same softness. I just know how much product I put on my hair and wanted it to "Come Totally Clean" today!!!!

Websites:   (currently having a buy one get one free sale for today only) And yes, I placed my order!! :)

As always, I hope this information helps with taking care of your AuNaturale hair.

Keep being the natural you!

Peace, love and many blessing!

Nakia AuNaturale Davis

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