Sunday, July 3, 2011

It All Starts From Within

Hello My AuNaturale's

As I sit and think of the many reasons of why I decided to go natural, I realized it really had to do with me as an individual. Me trying to find myself. Me trying to figure out how I wanted to recognized and noticed. In order to be rational about the many decisions in life that will affect your beauty, emotions, personality and so forth, it will begin with you loving yourself. You have to love yourself enough to research and see what you need to do for your hair. This decision is not about your significant other but it's about you and if you are going to be able to love yourself with the changes. When I did my big chop, I immediately feel in love. I have never liked long hair but I tolerated it because that was what my spouse liked. But he even had to admit that short hair suited my face better.  But the main point that I need this blog to focus on is that you have to do all that you can do to take care of your hair. It will start with a balance diet of protein, fresh fruit and veggies and your required water intake daily. 8-10 glasses is what many say is the normal amount. I say the normal amount is that and then some if you can take it in. Exercise helps to start blood circulating that will flow to the follicles of your hair shaft. Make love with your hair each morning and night by doing scalp massages with oils such as jojoba, castor oil (use wisely as it is heavy), coconut oil and there are many more. Your hair and scalp will thank you in the end. I will be posting a list of different oils later this week that will help you to know what they are good for. Being that it is hot, I am currently using a water mixture with glycerin to help with the humidity for my hair. But at any rate, just know that you have to love your hair the same way you love yourself. Take care of your hair the way you take care of your body! You don't just want long hair, you want healthy hair. And guess what............It All Starts From Within! Until next time, Love Being the Natural You!

Peace, love and many blessings!

Nakia AuNaturale Davis

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